Quickly detect, pinpoint and troubleshoot network issues with NetBeez. 

Peace of mind for you. Reliability for your users.

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How Netbeez Works

Learn how Netbeez can help you to prove that 'It's NOT the network!' while dramatically reducing time to identify and resolve network issues.

Customized Pricing

No matter how complex your network is or how many remote sites you have, NetBeez has a solution that fits your needs.

NetBeez pricing supports plug-and-play wired, wireless, or virtual agents to be deployed at each WiFi and remote location.

NetBeez is offered as a subscription service with a variety of options to fit your needs. Sign up to start proactively monitoring your network!


View Our Linux
Command Line Cheat Sheet

Netbeez Linux Command Line Cheat Sheet

We introduced our two-page command line reference at Interop ITX 2018 and would like to share a downloadable version!