NetBeez Extreme Networks Webinar

Integrated Service Monitoring with NetBeez on Extreme Networks IAH


Hosted on August 4th, 2020


Extreme Networks and NetBeez are combining their platforms to provide Service Monitoring for Extreme’s Integrated Application Hosting (IAH) solution, a Linux-based, Kernel Virtual Machine (KVM) environment. The IAH solution enables third party vendors and customer-specific applications to run on top of Extreme Networks’ switches. Network engineering teams can easily install NetBeez’ network monitoring agents on Extreme switches.

In this webinar, Steve Smith, Director of Product Management at Extreme Networks, and Greg Ness, on the NetBeez marketing team, will go over key details of this Extreme-NetBeez integration. In the second part of the webinar, Steve will demonstrate how easy and efficient it is to deploy NetBeez network monitoring agents on Extreme switches via Integrated Application Hosting.

Watch the webinar recording