High Performance Network Monitoring

Data-driven network monitoring and troubleshooting for any WAN, Wi-Fi, and home networks

  • Collect data from network agents and end-user endpoints
  • Granular, non-sampled data for detecting intermittent issues
  • Real-time data feeds for quick detection and troubleshooting
  • Scales without compromising polling interval

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"Thanks to the active and end-to-end performance tests run by NetBeez, our support team can now save time and resources in addressing remote network performance issue."

Dave Kruger
Network Architect at NEC XON

NetBeez allows us to monitor the end-user experience across an event’s site from our central Network Operation Center (NOC)"

Allen Cook,


Plenty of Integrations

  • Splunk, Slack, and PagerDuty
  • Cisco, Extreme , and more
  • JSON-based API
  • SMTP, SNMP traps, and Syslog

Outstanding Support

NetBeez rates 10 out of 10 in the G2 network monitoring report: you can rely 24x7 on timely and professional support staff, ready to answer your questions and address any issue that you may be experiencing.

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