“We reduced the time spent resolving tickets by 75% – from two weeks on average to under two days.”

Curtis Larsen, Wireless Network Engineers, Regional Medical Center

Legacy network monitoring tools don't provide the visibility required to detect and troubleshoot in a timely manner performance issues users are experiencing.

NetBeez provides the network data and intelligence required to cut down troubleshooting time.

First Principle

Simple and Intuitive Network Monitoring

Network engineers shouldn't waste time configuring and managing network monitoring tools. The NetBeez solution is plug-and-play, requires minimal setup and configuration before users can start monitoring their networks and applications.


Second Principle

Network Monitoring From the User Perspective

Legacy network monitoring solutions are looking at the situation from the network viewpoint, such as up-down device status. NetBeez flips the script on network monitoring by looking at it from the end-user’s perspective: network monitoring agents act as "remote hands" and capture the end-user experience

Third Principle

Raw and Granular Data in Real Time

Sampled data doesn’t tell the whole story, especially when troubleshooting performance issues in complex environments. NetBeez delivers granular, raw data to better analyze changes in network performance. You can get the whole picture over time versus samples.


What Users Are Saying

“... it would have taken a very long time to even discover the issue after receiving a student complaint. With NetBeez we gained the ability to determine the root cause and solve intermittent WiFi problems in under an hour.” Christopher Pepper, Network Engineer III at URI
“Previously, we used multiple tools to help us manage and monitor changes, before and after they were made. Now with NetBeez we can see down to the actual response time and the path that traffic takes” Brad Addington, Network Engineer at AmWINS Group

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