Interested in network monitoring from the end-user perspective?

Here's what NetBeez users like about the product:

  • Deploy NetBeez to have "remote hands"
  • Use the non-sampled, real-time data for troubleshooting
  • Monitor network and apps conditions from multiple points
  • Isolate and resolve issues without interrupting the end-users
  • Find it simple to use and have high satisfaction with support

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Cut down troubleshooting time, make users happy!


“Previously, we used multiple tools to help us manage and monitor changes, before and after they were made. Now with the NetBeez agent, we can see down to the actual response time and the path that traffic takes.”

Brad Addington,

Network Engineer at AmWINS Group

“With NetBeez we gained the ability to determine the root cause and solve intermittent WiFi problems in under an hour.” 

Christopher Pepper,

Network Engineer III at URI


Flexible deployment options

  • WiFi & wired sensors for on-prem
  • Software, virtual & docker agents
  • Windows and Mac endpoints
  • On-prem or cloud dashboard

Integrates with many tools

  • Splunk, Slack, and PagerDuty
  • SMTP, SNMP traps, and Syslog
  • JSON-based API
  • Custom dashboards available

Trusted by Distributed Organizations All Over the World