High Performance Network Monitoring

Detect and troubleshoot network issues on any WAN, Wi-Fi, Cloud and home network (WFH)

  • Distributed network monitoring for faster resolution
  • Granular, non-sampled data for detecting intermittent issues
  • Real-time data feeds for quick detection
  • Scale without polling interval latency

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"Being able to correlate reports of network issues with ongoing network agent testing, from multiple network locations, has been an invaluable tool for our small network operations staff. Our time-to-resolution is been greatly improved, and we are able to pinpoint the source of reported issues much faster with the perspective into live network conditions that NetBeez Network Monitoring provides."

Network Administrator in Higher Education

"NetBeez allows me to be proactive to user problems and address them as soon as they show up. Additionally, I no longer have to walk users through basic troubleshooting to gather information as I can use a remote Bee to run ping, traceroute, iperf, etc. NetBeez has become a required tool for me to be able to support multiple remote offices."

Network Engineer in Information Technology and Services


Many Integrations

  • Built-in Splunk, Slack, and PagerDuty
  • Cisco, Extreme Networks, Nokia, and more networking vendors
  • JSON-based API
  • Notifications sent via email, SNMP traps, and Syslog messages

Outstanding Support

NetBeez rates 10 out of 10 in the G2 network monitoring report: you can rely 24x7 on timely and professional support staff, ready to answer your questions and address any issue that you may be experiencing.