Download Webinar: Linux for Network Engineers

Hosted on October 4, 2018 2pm EST
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Webinar Agenda:

About the Webinar:

Linux is not new to the networking world as an operating system. However, in the last few years, we have seen more and more vendors exposing the Linux command line to network engineers. This facilitates a vast transfer of knowledge from the Linux to the networking world. Linux is becoming a valuable skill for all network engineers.

In this webinar we’ll give a short introduction to Linux and help you to get your hands dirty. Among others, we’ll cover:

  • Secure Shell (ssh)
  • Packages installation (apt-get)
  • Port and Host scanning
  • Bandwidth Performance testing

This webinar will include a live demonstration, which you can follow if you have Linux host available such as a Raspberry Pi, Windows 10 Bash Shell, or any Debian based box.

Downloadable Resources

Command Line Cheat Sheet

Download our Command Line Cheat Sheet

Download the ultimate command line cheat sheet. We introduced our two-page command line reference at Interop ITX 2018 and would like to share a downloadable version!

The cheat sheet contains the most common options of the popular Linux commands like: Ping, Traceroute, iPerf, curl, and dig!