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Monitoring Wi-Fi from the Client Perspective

What is WiFi Monitoring from the Client Perspective?

NetBeez monitors wireless LANs by looking at them from the end client's perspective. The solution uses on WiFi sensors, which are plug-and-play hardware, or Windows and Mac clients for laptops and desktops. The sensors continuously test network services and applications, report back to the main dashboard. The data collected as a result of these tests provides end-to-end verification of reachability and performance from the user’s perspective.

What Metrics Are Reported?

Real-time and historical wireless data for:

  • Network Latency, Packet Loss, and Throughput
  • Time to Associate, Authenticate, and get DHCP address
  • Signal Strength
  • Link Quality
  • Associated band, channel and BSSID and bit rate established
  • Remote SSID scans
  • Application Performance

WiFi Sensor


Connection Timing


Client-Based WiFi Metrics


Aggregate Wireless Metrics per SSID


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