If you want to save your company millions of dollars in downtime, it's going to take more than a 10 minute screenshare.

Here is the 3 step NetBeez process that sets you up for success:

1. 30 minute live-demo of the NetBeez dashboard: tailored to show you how we can monitor your remote locations, WiFi network, run tests and receive alerts!

Screen Shot 2019-07-02 at 1.23.31 PM

2. Not Your Average "Free Trial": We will ship your team NetBeez hardware agents and work to customize the dashboard with specific tests and alerts to allow your team to successfully evaluate NetBeez as a network performance monitoring solution.


3. You've witnessed the benefits and are ready to implement: We will set you up for long term success by creating an effective deployment strategy to monitor all remote locations and the most complex of networks. You'll choose the amount of wired, WiFi and/or software agents for an on-premise or hosted solution. 


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