WiFi Monitoring from the Client Perspective Webinar Recording

Aired 8/10/2023

Most solutions for WiFi network monitoring are looking at the situation from the network viewpoint. NetBeez flips the script and lets you see what the end users are experiencing.

Attend this technical webinar to learn how proactive wifi monitoring helps your team find and resolve end-user experience issues, often before end users even notice them. Registered users will receive the webinar recording post event and the 2023 update of our WiFi Monitoring from the Client Perspective guide.

What You’ll Learn

  • How to leverage real-time Wi-Fi monitoring from the client perspective
  • Quickly tackling remote issues without the need of on-site tech support
  • How to troubleshoot user complaints in large Wi-Fi network environments

Who Should Attend

  • Network and Wireless Engineers
  • Managers and IT Execs for Wi-Fi services
  • Senior Infrastructure and Operations Executives