Download the 'Linux for Wireless Engineers: Extracting WiFi Info from a Linux Host' Webinar

Live on April 18, 2019
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Webinar Agenda:

About the Webinar:

Although Linux machines are one of the least common clients to appear on WiFi networks, there are a lot of ways to use a Linux host as a WiFi troubleshooting tool.

In this webinar we’ll review Layer 1 and 2 information that can be extracted on a Linux host, such as:

  • Signal strength and link quality
  • Associated bit rate and channel used
  • Available SSIDs
  • Packet capturing

The webinar will be a hands-on, live demonstration, so come prepared with a Linux prompt in order to follow along. An excellent Linux platform is the Raspberry PI 3B or 3B+.

Downloadable Resources

Command Line Cheat Sheet

Download our Command Line Cheat Sheet

Download the ultimate command line cheat sheet. We introduced our two-page command line reference at Interop ITX 2018 and would like to share a downloadable version!

The cheat sheet contains the most common options of the popular Linux commands like: Ping, Traceroute, iPerf, curl, and dig!