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Aired on February 28, 2019 2pm EST
SSID Hopping Webinar 2_28_2019

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About the Webinar:

This January, we released version 1.5 of NetBeez, which includes many improvements and new features such as SSID hopping. This is made possible by having sensors regularly connect to each WiFi network for a specified amount of time (expressed in minutes or hours). 
Today, most enterprise organizations broadcast at least two or more SSIDs for their end users. The first generally includes the corporate employees, that are contained in a protected network environment with Internet and intranet access. A second one is for the guest users, that are connected to a different, isolated network with Internet access.

In this webinar, we'll review how SSID hopping works and what other improvements are included in release 1.5 of NetBeez.

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