NetBeez Expert Series Webinar with Curtis Larsen

Date: September 2, 2021

Time: 2PM EDT

Principal Wireless Engineer Curtis Larsen knows a thing or two about mega-campus WiFi and supporting remote workers. He and his teammates at a large healthcare organization in Utah are charged with keeping 4 hospitals, 18 clinics, 250 buildings and 13k wireless access points going strong.

They’ve learned a few tricks over the years, from deploying loaner probes that can be installed by remote users to tracking carts on wheels devices traversing the hallways connecting rooms filled with medical devices with among the most stringent network performance requirements.

The team has solved dozens of previously unsolvable problems, from microwaves disrupting nearby devices, mostly during lunch hour, to detecting hardware issues by quickly eliminating all other possibilities.

Webinar Speakers


Curtis Larsen

Principal Wireless Engineer

Stefano Gridelli

Cofounder and CEO